Poetry East West Vol 3 诗东西第3期

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目录 Contents

专题:新世纪十年(下)Ten Years in Retrospection

005/ 萧开愚Xiao Kaiyu

009/ 陈先发Chen Xianfa

013/ 冯晏Feng Yan

017/ 席亚兵Xi Yabing

022/ 娜夜Na Ye

025/ 赵卡Zhao Ka

029/ 余旸Yu Yang
032/ 阿翔A Xiang

036/ 江离Jiang Li

040/ 黄茜Huang Qian



首发 New Poems

044/ 姜涛Jiang Tao

050/ 王敖Wang Ao

053/ 柏桦Bai Hua

058/ 臧棣Zang Di
065/ 倪湛舸Ni Zhange

069/ 张耳Zhang Er

074/ 沈睿Shen Rui

077/ 梅儒佩Rupprecht Mayer

中斯专辑Chinese-Slovenian Program

081/ 序言 Introduction
082/ 日程 Schedule


·诗人互译Poets Translating Each Other

083/ 杨  炼Yang Lian

087/ 翟永明Zhai Yongming

090/ 梁秉钧Leung Ping-kwan

097/ 杨小滨Yang Xiaobin

104/ 托马士·沙拉蒙 Tomaž Šalamun

115/ 阿莱士·施泰格 Aleš Šteger

125/ 格拉茨·柯茨扬齐齐 Gorazd Kocijančič

134/ 米兰·耶西赫 Milana Jesiha


·方言写作Writing in Dialects

139/ 杨  炼Yang Lian

140/ 梁秉钧Leung Ping-kwan

142/ 杨小滨Yang Xiaobin



144/ 杨炼与阿莱西Yang Lian vs. Aleš Šteger


Contemporary Chinese Poets (with English translation)

162/ 多多Duo Duo(tr. Mai Mang)
168/ 吕德安Lü De’an(tr. Ming Di)
174/ 哑石Ya Shi(tr. Nick Admussen)
180/ 柳宗宣Liu Zongxuan(tr. Cheng Baolin, George O’Connell)

184/ 申舶良Shen Boliang(tr. Denis Mair)


191/ 波兰诗人亚当·扎加耶夫斯基

Interview with Polish Poet Adam Zagajewski

200/ 中国诗人吕德安

Interview with Chinese Poet Lü De’an



208/ 臧棣:诗道鳟艳(三)
The Poetry Analects of Zang Di (Part Three)


About 诗东西 Poetry East West

Chinese-English bilingual magazine (will include more languages), published in Los Angeles USA, printed in Beijing China. ISSN 2159-2772


  1. Kheng-Soo Liew

    Hi Editor,

    It seems that after I downloaded the Poetry East West magazine vol. 3 and 4, i am not able to print out. The file is secured and locked.

    I wish I can receive an unsecured copy for vol 3 and 4 and print out for pleasure reading.


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