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About DJS

DJS is a small private foundation that supports poetry and art in development stages and in publications such as books, anthologies, magazines, and CDs. It also supports literary translation projects. Since 2007, DJS has supported the following projects:

1.  DJS Poetry Series (two series of books published in China, 2007-2009)

2.  Art Cross-Boundaries Series (allocated to Shangyuan Residence Program in Beijing)

3.  Books and Journals for Women Poets in China (funded to the editor in Dec 2008)

4.  PoetryEastWest Journal (lunched in 2010, on-going)

5.  DJS Translation Award and DJS Poetry Award (set up in 2010, dispensed since 2011)

6.  Contemporary Poets (chapbooks)

7.  Partnership with Lyrikline  in Berlin since June 2011; Supporting China editor for Poetry International since June 2012

8.  Translation for the Croatian-Chinese Poets Exchange in 2011 (the Chinese part)

9. DJS First Poetry Book and Second Poetry Book Awards (2012-)

10. PEW Poetry Award and Translation Award (2012-on going)

11. Collaborating with Beijing Poetry Festival (2011, 2013, 2014); Managing the International Translation Workshop during the festivals

12. Translation Workshop during the Chinese-Slovenian Poets Exchange (2013)

13. Home of International Poets – HIP (planning in 2013, opening in 2014)

14. DJS BOOKS became an imprint of Red Hen Press/USA  in July 2013 to promote Chinese poetry, five books were published in Aug 2013

15. Partial support for the visits of Chinese poets to Paris and London in 2014

16. Collaboration with Beijing Translation Workshop from 2015 to 2018

17. Hushi Poetry Award since 2016

18. Publication of new issues of PoetryEastWest and the magazine-book Feng: Poetry China (2017)

19. Collaboration with Beijing Union University  for PoetryEastWest Fastival in 2018

20. Supported the publication of two anthologies of Chinese poetry in 2020

For new projects/proposals, please contact the artistic director of DJS through email:

*DJS and Poetry East West (PEW) are two separate entities. DJS is not above PEW but in parallel structure. DJS covers a broader area including exchange programs, promoting Chinese poetry in other countries and publishing poetry books, while PEW focuses on the journal of PoetryEastWest.


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  3. Tao Zhijian

    Is it still that only foreign language natives are eligible for the translation prize? Any good reason?

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