Home of International Poets (residence program)

Shanguan Art Scene is an independent residence program 2 hours north of Beijing. It started in 2007 and has provide free space to 50 artists each year. This year DJS collaborated with Shangyuan and started a very small writing residence program there. Annette Robichaud and Li Shumin were the first two poets selected. Annette arrived in Beijing on April 10, and found there was no water in her dorm at Shangyuan. But things are getting better each day. The poets are fully integrated into the program with artists and musicians, participating in poetry readings, parties, and out-goings. The two poets have also translated each other’s poetry into Chinese and English.  On May 4th, Poetry East West magazine made an extended “online anthology” which included their translations along with the work by 30 other poets in China. We will interview Annette Robichaud upon completion of her residence to find out how the program works out there and if the “remote control” is effective or not…

阿妮特·罗比察德(Annette Robichaud, 1986)出生加拿大,英法双语诗人。本科在Nova Scotia岛上的圣安妮大学攻读法语文学和英语文学(双学士),2013年在美国圣地亚哥州立大学获得创作硕士学位。除写作、翻译之外,她还是文学网刊 《枢纽——艺术聚汇刊与西海岸翻译评论》的联合创办人和编辑。

李淑敏(Li Shumin, 1986)出生于安徽,12岁随家迁移至新疆,2004就读于西安外国语大学,同年开始写诗。2012年在北京师范大学获得中国现当代文学 硕士之后,从事编辑工作一年。发表有诗歌和评论文章。2005-2007年本科期间创办并主编同人文学刊物《哥特式怀想》,共出八期。2009-2012 年创办并主编文学杂志《门》。

Shangyuan 5Shangyuan 2Shangyuan 3SHangyuan1SY 1SY 2SY 3


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Chinese-English bilingual magazine (will include more languages), published in Los Angeles USA, printed in Beijing China. ISSN 2159-2772

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