DJS Translation Award 2013 Call for Submissions



1. 接受作者/译者报名自荐,以及他人推荐。
2. 请将近两年原创诗歌翻译50首以上连同原文一起寄至:
3. 翻译作品需未结集出版;未得到或将得到其它赞助。
4. 如果翻译作品是合作完成,需有100首以上,申请或被推荐的合作译者中需有一人为target language母语诗人,奖金由译者均分或颁给主译者。
5. 来稿由DJS工作室与特邀翻译共同评审。


DJS Poetry Translation Award

 ”DJS Poetry Translation Award” has been established by DJS Art Foundation, a small private entity, to promote literary exchange between China and other countries and to encourage quality translation of poetry. Starting from 2011, one award each year, USD 1000, recipient(s) to be announced on December 30.

During the first three years, DJS Translation Prize will be awarded to a translator or a team of translators who has/have demonstrated exceptional skills in translating a book of contemporary poetry (50 poems or more) from Chinese into English or another non-Chinese language.

1. Applications from the translator and/or recommendation by other people are both accepted.
2. Please send 50 or more poems translated in recent two years along with the originals to:
3. The translation work should not have been published in book form yet, should not have been or expected to be funded elsewhere.
4. Translation can be done individually or in collaboration with other poets. 100 or more poems if two translators involved.  (The award will be distributed equally or given to the primary translator.)
5. Submissions will be judged by DJS board members along with invited translators.

October 30 of each year (unless otherwise announced.)  2013 – extended to November 15.

* DJS also administers (separately)  DJS Award for Poetry and DJS Award for Criticism regardless of languages or countries. Deadline is the same as the translation prize. Please send recommendations to the same email address.

Information about DJS


About 诗东西 Poetry East West

Chinese-English bilingual magazine (will include more languages), published in Los Angeles USA, printed in Beijing China. ISSN 2159-2772

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  1. If anyone sent a submission but didn’t get a response, please send an email again without attachment because initial email with attachment usually goes to Spam Box which gets purged quickly and we didn’t check there in the last two months.

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