HIFA Festival in Zimbabwe 津巴布韦国际艺术节

SA 15First let’s recall the performance of Chirikure Chirikure during the What is Poetry International Festival II in South Africa. He hooked us and led us march on further to Harare where he’s from.

You have to imagine how we walked on the Bridge on Limpopo River across the border of South Africa and Zimbabwe as I didn’t dare to take any pictures when the armed soldiers were standing at the fort watching us closely and asking us to show passports as we approached (we had spent some time to get visas from the immigration office at the border)… From that point we got on a bus and rode all the way north to Harare.

The night sky was low and full of huge stars in Zimbabwe – I’ve never seen so many stars so clearly in my life. Just imagine it. I didn’t take pictures even though the armed soldiers were not watching us any more. So just imagine the sky is low and you can reach the stars with your stretched out hands… pick up your favorite ones and cut them into pieces for a salad. I’m always confused with fruit and veggies when traveling, and in Zimbabwe people grow them in the sky.

Trip to Harare to attend HIFA 2013 in Zimbabew 津巴布韦国际艺术节 — A Photo Report by Mindy Zhang

Zim 53

Zim 54

Zim 55

Zim 56

Zim 45

Zim 3

Zim 2

Zim 1(photo by Dorothea Rosa Herliany)

Zim 4

Zim 38

Zim 6

Zim 7

Zim 8

Zim 10

Zim 11

Mindy in Zimbabwe(photo by Michael Augustin)

Zim 12

Zim 14

Zim 15

Zim 16

Zim 27

Zim 37

Zim 39 Zim 40 Zim 41

Zim 43   Zim 46

Zim 47

Zim 18

Zim 20

Zim 21

Zim 22

Zim 49

Zim 50

Zim 51

Zim 52

Zim 25

Zim 57

Zim 58

Zim 59

Zim 17

Zim 24Silke Behl’s birthday party – aka the farewell tea party of What is Poetry troupe to Harare

Zim s Zim 26Zim s-4 in the lobby of the hotel – last three photos by ??


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