What is Poetry International Festival II in South Africa 南非诗歌节 updated

DSC01997“Mind you…” declared Indra. And that’s how we occupied the Lucky Bean restaurant in Johannesburg and began the festival….

For official information please see the website of What is Poetry: http://www.whatispoetry.net/

Here are just some fun pictures – but seriously, Indra Wussow (one of the festival directors) has broadened our perspectives by incorporating visual art, dance, and music into poetry. — MZ

DSC01952on the day of arrival, Indra took the early birds to “Today” radio station for readings and interviews

DSC01957for those who arrived in South Africa late, this is what you missed…

DSC01967the avant garde pianist in Jo-burg

DSC01988look for Indra in this picture… who likes to shake her hair?

DSC01991the Silke family…


The three musketeers~~~ photos by Michael at Lucky Bean

DSC02050Sujata walks into my African painting with Indian food…


Rosa Rosa, where is your head?  (look up)

DSC02056the forever young Silke and the serious Vonani…

DSC02065the awesome performance of South African poets and musicians, so breath-taking…

DSC02066look at the two lovely chairs, not the two handsome poets

DSC02069oh no, Stanislav is not speaking Russian today…

DSC02076Mandela, have you ever wondered!? (you have to keep the beat when you read this line…)

DSC02080the garden outside Mahikeng Museum was so charming that Alan drove out from the entrance and got a ticket from the police

SA 16

what are we doing at Radio station? (taken by sister Rosa)

SA 60Mbali and Raphael — two stars of the festival. I wish I had a picture of Mbali’s solo performance too…

DSC02147Saut from Indonesia stole my commy t-shirt

SA 12

Michael Augustin’s poem here…

SA 11


(but seriously, check out Mama Madosini on the internet)

DSC02169the most exciting moment of the festival is when Chirikure Chirikure is quiet 🙂

DSC02165while the Swiss guy sings, Didi steals his banks…

DSC02177whoever documents the festival gets documented

SA 0

Guess who gets up so early? Yes yes? No No.

SA 13the Yappy Zappy brothers from my other mothers

SA 1

she puts the five-color rocks on her pants (I forgot who took this one)

SA 2

SA 4

the above two photos taken by Saut


the smartest makes their own poetry festival!!!  (University of Limpopo)

SA 5

Tumi Tumi – so creative in his dance accompany to poetry readings

SA 6

does anyone know what Raphael is holding in his hand?

SA 7

I swear this is not oil painting on canvas

SA 8

SA 9 Vonani’s mother and Xoli – unexpected but gorgeous performance! (at Writers Center)

SA 18

African tree makes a nice roof (outside Vonani’s Writers Center)

SA 17

Poetry on the road…

SA 10

last supper…

SA 20

who says poets never get hungry?

SA 23Thank you Indra and Tumi for the wonderful tour in South Africa. Now we are ready to walk to Zimbabwe on foot… (last photo taken by Saut from Indonesia)

(check out the photo report of the Zimbabwe trip — see Home page of this website)


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