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POETRY EAST WEST (PEW) is a Chinese-English bilingual biannual magazine edited by poets in China, USA and other countries (as listed below), published in Los Angeles USA and Beijing China, with the inaugural issue from 2010 and thereafter two issues a year. It includes some German and Swedish poems and it welcomes work from other languages as well.  It’s the first poetry magazine in China that introduces international poets in an interactive way and promotes contemporary Chinese poets in other countries. Each issue highlights poets translating each other, new poets translated for the first time, new translations of the world’s most distinguished poets and emerging young poets,  new poetry reviews and interviews, and special topics of current interests in China.


国际刊号 ISSN  2159-2772

网站 Website:

国内论坛 Forum in China:

编辑信箱 Editor’s Email:

(Please note that DJS and Poetry East West (PEW) are two separate entities sharing one website. DJS is not above PEW but in parallel structure. DJS covers a broader area including but not limited to facilitating exchange programs, promoting Chinese poetry in other countries and publishing poetry books while PEW focuses on the journal.)



Submission: Unpublished poems, translation of contemporary poetry, poetry reviews, essays on translation or contemporary poetry, interviews, or anything you think PEW might be interested in, please send to

We encourage poets to translate each other and critique each other. If you have any good ideas on how to promote literary exchange among international poets, we would like to hear from you.

Submission Period: March and September

Editor’s email:

Reading time: ongoing but mostly in April and Sept.

Publication Time: June and December

Payment in kind: a free copy of the issue in which your work has appeared. We commission on poetry criticism essays only.


Copyright: the authors and translators hold the copyrights of their work  and grant the permission to PEW when submitting their work. Any 3rd party wishing to re-use their work should obtain the permission through Poetry East West.


Important Notice about Authorization/Permission: We have indicated in the previous call for submission that our goal is to introduce and promote Chinese poetry to other countries and international poetry to China, all submissions give us the authorization/permission to promote the work in other appropriate channels, in addition to our magazine (Poetry East West), such as our forum in China, our website, anthologies, and special PEW selection in other magazines. All translation work submitted by the author or the translator gives us the authorization/permission from both the original author and the translator. We’re making this announcement because in 2011 we re-submitted (upon invitation) some of what we had in the “work bank” to Poetry International, Poetry, Chinese Poetry, Impact China, and Poetry Monthly for the purpose of promoting our authors/translators in China and other countries and we will continue to do so in more countries in the future. If you only allow us to use your work in our magazine but not allow us to promote your work elsewhere, please indicate so in your submission. Thank you for your support.


订阅 Subscription:



Poetry East West is printed and distributed in China. For readers outside China, we encourage you to read our online versions.  (Printed copies will be mailed only upon request and if available.)

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