New Cathay: Contemporary Chinese Poetry

New_Cathay cover

from Tupelo Press

新华夏集    当代中国诗选

New Cathay: Contemporary Chinese Poetry

Edited by Ming Di

Co-published with the Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute of the Poetry Foundation

ISBN 978-1-936797-24-0

The most up-to-date anthology of contemporary Chinese poetry, translated by American poets and edited by the executive editor of the bilingual literary journal Poetry East West. Showcasing the achievement of Chinese poetry in the last twenty years, a time of tremendous literary ferment, this collection focuses on a diversity exciting poets from the mainland, highlighting Duo Duo (laureate of the 2010 Neustadt International Prize for Literature) and Liao Yiwu (recipient of 2012 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade organization) along with many not yet well-known but brilliant poets from China.

With translations by Neil Aitken, Katie Farris, Ming Di, Christopher Lupke, Tony Barnstone, Nick Admussen, Jonathan Stalling, Afaa Weaver, Eleanor Goodman, Ao Wang, Dian Li, Kerry Shawn Keys, Lucas Klein, Jennifer Kronovet, Elizabeth Reitzell, Cody Reese, and others.


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