New Poetry from China: 1917-2017, reviewed by John Bradley




Song for the Unraveling of the World | Brian Evenson | by Bryan Miller | Nathan Englander | by Chris Via
Big Giant Floating Head | Christopher Boucher | by Joseph Houlihan
Avery Colt is a Snake, a Thief, a Liar | Ron A. Austin | by Nick Hilbourn
Famous Children and Famished Adults | Evelyn Hampton
Wetsuit | Kim Chinquee
The Dog Seated Next to Me | Meg Pokrass | by Aimee Parkson
The Book of X | Sarah Rose Etter | by Alicia L. Conroy
The Day the Sun Died | Yan Lianke | by Julia Stein
Ducks, Newburyport | Lucy Ellmann | by Chris Via
The Storm | Tomás González | by John Toren
Dream Country | Shannon Gibney | by Robbie Orr
Disposable Man | Michael Levitin | by Zach Buck
Chimerica | Lucy Kirkwood | by Byron Reiger


The Ministry of Truth: The Biography of George Orwell’s 1984 | Dorian Lynskey | by Julia Stein
A Year Without a Name | Cyrus Grace Dunham | by Erin Lewenauer
Resilience: Philip Guston in 1971 | Musa Mayer | by Patrick James Dunagan
Kerouac: The Last Quarter Century | Gerald Nicosia | by Zack Kopp
Junker Dreams: An Automotive Memoir | Paul D. Dickinson | by Sean Smuda
Womentality: Thirteen Empowering Stories by Everyday Women Who Said Goodbye to the Workplace and Hello to Their Lives | Erin Wildermuth, ed. | by Elysia Utech
While Nothing Lasts, | Edward Cushenberry | by Michael Workman


Zeppelin Vending Machine Manifesto | John Murphy | by Michael Angelo Tata
Sharp Wren Task | Will Stuart | by J.H. Prynne
Gravity Assist | Martha Silano | by Gwen Ackerman
Extinction | Geza Tatrallyay | by George Longenecker
On Valencia Street | Jack Micheline | by Valery Oisteanu
New Poetry from China: 1917-2017 | Ming Di, ed. | by John Bradley
Revenge of the Asian Woman | Dorothy Chan | by John Wall Barger
The World Pushes Back | Garret Keizer | by George Longenecker


Clyde Fans | Seth | by Jeff Alford

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Chinese-English bilingual magazine (will include more languages), published in Los Angeles USA, printed in Beijing China. ISSN 2159-2772

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