Call for submissions: Sept 1st deadline for 2016 DJS Translation Fund & Award

DJS Poetry Translation Award & Grant

 ”DJS Poetry Translation Award” has been established in 2010 by DJS Art Foundation, a small private entity, to promote literary exchange between Chinese and other languages and to encourage quality translation of poetry. Amount of the award each year: $1000. Amount of the grant each year: $1000.  Recipient(s) announced on December 30. (Earlier deadline for 2016 submissions: September 1.)

In 2016, DJS Translation Award shifts the focus back to promoting Chinese poetry and will be awarded to a translator or a team of translators who has/have demonstrated exceptional skills in translating a book of contemporary Chinese poems into another language. (In recent years the awards were given to people who translated poetry into Chinese.)  This current focus will continue for three years.


1. Applications from the translators and/or recommendations by other people are both accepted. Applications from publishers will be accepted in 2016 (to supplement the publication cost for a book of 150+ pages.)
2. Please send a complete manuscript of 50 or more poems translated in recent two years (including Table of Contents) along with the originals to: (please include info about the publisher and scheduled publication date)
3. If in collaboration with another translator, 100 or more poems are required. (The award will be distributed equally or presented to the primary translator.)
4. Single-author books or multiple-author anthologies are both eligible. Both should include poems from recent years.
5. Translation can be done directly from Chinese or through English. In either case, the original poems are required in the submissions as we look at the quality of the translation as well as the quality of the original poems. New in 2016: translation from “minority” ethnic languages will be considered too.
6. Translation projects supported by Chinese government agencies such as the Writers Association will not be considered. We only support translation of independent poets.
7. New in 2016: books published within the year or to be published within a year will be considered if submitted before the deadline.
8. Submissions will be judged by DJS board members along with invited poetry translators. DJS board reserves the right of interpretation of the guidelines and procedures.


Sept 1, 2016 (earlier deadline for 2016)


* DJS also administers (separately)  DJS Award for Poetry and DJS Award for Criticism regardless of languages/countries. Deadline is the same as the translation prize. Please send recommendations to the same email address as the Poetry East West (Awards) submission box: .



1. 接受译者报名自荐,以及他人推荐。2016年增加一条:接受出版社申请。
2. 请将近两年原创诗歌翻译50首以上的完整书稿(包括目录)连同原文一起寄至: (请提供出版社信息和预计的出版日期)
3. 如果翻译作品是合作完成,需有100首以上,奖金由译者均分或颁给主译者。
4. 个人诗集和集体诗选均可考虑。原作需包含近年创作。
5. 翻译作品既可以是直接从中文翻译,也可以从英语转译,但需要同时寄来中文原文作品,译文和原文的质量同时会被考虑。2016年新增:少数民族语言也包括在内。
6. 翻译/出版项目需未得到其它赞助,尤其是未得到中国政府机构比如作协单位的赞助。
7. 2016年新增:一年之内出版的译诗集或一年之内将要出版的译诗集均可申请。
8. 来稿由DJS工作室与特邀翻译共同评审。DJS委员会保留奖项的解释权。

申请及推荐截止日期:2016年截止日提前至 9月1日。


P.S. We have received several inquires and here are our responses:

  1. Yes we would consider work by poets from Taiwan and overseas countries. “Chinese” means Chinese language more than citizenship. We are also very interested in the “minority languages” in China being translated into English or other languages.
  2. DJS is established in the US. We don’t compete with the Chinese government, nor do we want to double support government favored writers and poets. From 2016 onward, we will try to promote independent writers, dissident voices from within the system, and “minority” writers.
  3. “DJS Grant” is available to people who need the support; “DJS Award” will be given to the translation of outstanding quality. They are from the same source, so we combine the two processes to save time but the criteria are different.




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