The 23rd Neustadt International Prize for Literature: Nominees



(美国)第23届纽斯塔国际文学奖提名名单出炉,有阿根廷塞萨尔•埃拉,美国爱德华•琼斯(Edward P. Jones)(@曹元勇 译过),乌克兰/美籍诗人伊利亚·卡明斯基(明迪翻译了他的诗集和散文)巴勒斯坦诗人嘎山•札克坦(台湾诗人陈黎译过),村上春树等9位。村上第三次被提名,其他很多第一次,爱德华琼斯是美国非洲裔男性作家第一位被该奖提名的作家。

The Known World by Edward P. Jones was translated into Chinese by Cao Yuanyong and published in 2010.

(Cao Yuanyong is an accomplished translator in China with six books of translation published so far, and editor of Mo Yan’s 16 novels.)

Coincidentally, Ilya Kaminsky (translated by Ming Di) will have his Dancing in Odessa (along with his essays) published by Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House where Cao Yuanyong is the vice chief editor — the Chinese version of DIO is edited by Cao Yuanyong.

Some of Ghassan Zaqtan’s poems have been translated by Chen Li who is on the translation team of Poetry East West.
Some of Mia Couto’s poems have been translated into Chinese by Min Xuefei.


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