China Night

penal 1

On June 14th from 8pm to 9pm there was a penal discussion on contemporary Chinese poetry, led by Dutch sinologist Mark Leenhouts, at Poetry International Rotterdam. Photos courtesy of Regina Dyck



Mark raised some very good questions. MZ reiterated her opinions from the Preface of New Cathay. No heated argument as expected, but there would have been if the discussion were in Chinese..

  YL as ba

YL as bac

YL as back  YL as backgr

Mindy and YL

From 9:30 to 11pm, the three Chinese poets Yang Lian, Qin Xiaoyu and Liao Weitang (aka Liu Waitong) gave a reading, introduced by MZ and interviewed by MZ after each reading.

Poetry Cafe

Separately, on July 15, at Poetry Cafe, MZ introduced New Cathay: Contemporary Chinese Poetry

(photo courtesy of Regina Dyck, director of Bremen Literary Festival)

MZ wrote three short pieces on what’s going on in China for the PI Rotterdam web:


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