Mai Mang (Chinese poet)





I Held My Wrist, Lamenting, Facing the Magpie…

On my life journey

More than once

I held my wrist


–Facing the magpie

Should have become a snake

Or a dragon


–An eagle

Should have become the sea

Or the cliff


–A cloud

Should have become honey

Or bitter



Conflicted between

Loving and not loving

–A man

Life choices

Are like birds



Also a hailstorm



Should have become my native soil

Or an orange tree


Silent footsteps



In My Lifetime…

…I want to encounter one earthquake

One war and two or three imprisonments

On an unnamed square boulevard

A smile from a woman dressed in blue

I want to drink two or three cups of coffee or tea

One bottle of liquor and countless bottles of beer

And also taste the kisses said to be harmful to the heart

Paying the price with my youth and a couple of love poems

When I am thirty I want to marry and have a family

Let my beloved feel happy, let children

(If they could really come out into the world)

Remember their irresponsible father

I want to get up early one time to see the rosy clouds of dawn

Speak out loudly in French: “Bonjour”

I want to stay on the balcony for one whole day

I want to idly scratch my head

Life and Crisis

What is dreamt is still the crisis ten years ago

Life, yet remains the present life

Two factors as if deliberately twisted together

By a marriage

I remember, a winter night

Crisis was like a dormant volcano capped by snow

Directly facing the open window, second floor of a hotel

Where a couple was on their honeymoon

Don’t know whether it was for

The people indoors to look out

Or for the volcano outside to peek in

Alas, an empty street where

No chariot runs is like

A moist dawn deserted by sounds

Let me speak out for you from the bottom of your heart

Life perhaps will be gone like tides

Crisis, like the moon, will forever stay

Regained Knowledge

I recognized my dog

He was waiting for me

I threw him a fake coin

He sniffed, but didn’t pick it up

He was moist under his body

Like so many years ago

When I left him

And my native land

In various dreams

He was different things

Even a string of letters of fire

I could hardly decipher

He was using his paws

Scratching the foundations buried in earth

He wasn’t looking at me

Because I was looking at him

Toward him I had

All kinds of gentle affection

Such affection hidden until today

Could only be deeper

I wanted to caress his

Already hardened fur

Holding his frozen head

Closely to my cheek

And I recalled all

Those whom I once loved

And who once embraced me

As if night regaining its gold

The above four poems are translated into English by the author

About 诗东西 Poetry East West

Chinese-English bilingual magazine (will include more languages), published in Los Angeles USA, printed in Beijing China. ISSN 2159-2772

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